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The Apostolic Lighthouse Sunday school department is devoted to teaching children ages 2-13 about the love and power of Jesus. Classes are held from 10:30 am to 11:30 am every Sunday morning.


We believe that kids should never find church boring. At the Apostolic Lighthouse we do our best to make learning about Jesus as fun as possible, by teaching a Bible based lesson, integrating fun games, and exciting activities. The teachers work closely with the children to help them understand what the Apostolic teaching is and how to open their hearts to a caring God. A warm welcome is extended for your child to join our weekly Sunday School.


Ages 2 years old - Kindergarten

Taught By: Sister Christy Way

Our Little Learner class facilitates student and teacher driven learning for children prior to preschool, in preschool, and in kindergarten.


Children who may or may not have been introduced to a classroom setting but require large amounts of playtime.

Grades 1-3

Taught By: Sister LAYLA Johnson

Our Early Elementary class is for children who have entered elementary school. Because these students’ thinking skills are still largely concrete and literal, the Life Lesson applications focus on the here and now, with some introduction to abstract thinking. The content is teacher-driven, with a focus on hands-on activities, games, and object lessons.

Grades 4-7

Taught By: Brother Samuel ontiveros

Our Late Elementary/Middle class serves to teach students to further their own relationships with God at home. It is intended for older elementary students who will eventually be transitioning into youth.


As children mature, they develop the ability to think abstractly and comprehend the deeper meaning of things. 

Grades 8-12

Taught By: Brother & Sister Murphy

The teen class is intended to provide a supportive environment for teens to explore and deepen their relationship with God. We offer relevant and engaging lessons that address the unique challenges and questions faced by teenagers while encouraging personal reflection, discussion, and participation. 


Kristin Ontiveros


Children's Ministry

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